Marco Veremis

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Upstream, Partner at BigPi Venture Capital

Marco was born in Athens, in 1973. He holds a BA from the University of Warwick and an MPhil from Oxford  University. 

Marco started his career in 1996, as a marketing strategist with Omnicom, WPP and IPG, where he developed  global communication strategies for brands such as Nestlé, Smithkline Beecham, Johnson & Johnson and Sony  Electronics. 

In 2002, he returned to Greece and, along with Alex Vratskides, co-founded Upstream. Since then, Upstream has evolved into a leading global technology company within the field of mobile commerce, conducting  business in over 45 markets. Marco served as Upstream’s CEO until June 2017, and today is its Executive  Chairman of the Board, whilst also a partner at BigPi Venture Capital

Marco is an active angel investor and member of the board in technology companies such as PersadoWorkable and Hellas Direct

In parallel, Marco is the President of SEN/Junior Achievement Greece and a Board member of the Hellenic  Federation of Enterprises (SEV), of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (ΙΟΒΕ), of Endeavor and of the research and policy institute diaNEOsis. Marco has been awarded with the EY Greek “Entrepreneur  of the Year” award, in 2013.

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