The 10th edition of the conference will be taking place on June 9-11, 2022
in Patras, Greece.


What started in 2013 has grown into a prominent gathering that tackles significant challenges that Greek and European regions face. By bringing together senior government officials, industry leaders, members of the European Commission and European Parliament, Academics, notable journalists and engaged citizens, the Conference offers the opportunity to reflect upon and address  issues related key sectors of the regions, including growth and development, economy, infrastructure, climate change, energy, health, agriculture, tourism, social cohesion and resilience and, importantly, youth. The main focus of the conference is based on the promotion of initiatives in all the above areas, pushing forward the introduction of innovative policies, public-private partnerships, the strengthening of business relations and the attraction of investment vehicles of the private sector.


Thematic Tracks

In an effort to address the pressing topics of our time, and implement best practices/policies that will bring about growth and development for Greece’s regions, discussions of this year’s conference will fall under six major thematic tracks.

  • Economy & Sustainable Growth
  • Climate crisis & Environmental Action
  • Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Society, Culture & Education
  • Health  & Wellbeing
  • Energy & Connectivity

About Us
The Regional Growth Conference (RGC) serves as a public platform for dialogue between governmental, regional, academic and business representatives. Its main goal is to address challenges, best practices and policies promoted by European Institutions that need to be implemented in the Regional Development in an effort to bring forward the necessary regional governance model for Greece.
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