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Regional Growth Conference (RGC)

The Regional Growth Conference (RGC) serves as a public platform for dialogue between governmental, regional, academic and business representatives. Its main goal is to address challenges, best practices and policies promoted by European Institutions that need to be implemented in the Regional Development in an effort to bring forward the necessary regional governance model for Greece. Since its inception in 2013, the Regional Growth Conference takes place annually in Patras, Greece and is organized by PELOPONNISOS newspaper, which is the oldest and most historic newspaper in Greece.

RGC Vision

In a fast and dynamically changing world with the environment becoming less predictable, our vision, as a platform for public dialogue, is to unlock the potential of the Greek Region. The fast integration of EU level policy is a vital part for Greece’s regional and local governance. Our focus lies in planning discussions on substantive issues and topics that support the implementation of EU policies for promoting sustainable regional development. We strive to promote comparative advantage for local economies and to enhance the identity of each region. We are committed to strengthening the nexus between research-analysis and each region’s business fabric and to highlight best-practices for networking in order to foster business cooperation and public-private partnerships, by introducing new policies and initiatives across all areas of regional development.

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