Meet our Speakers


Effie Achtsioglou

Member, Hellenic Parliament (SYRIZA party) | fmr Minister of Labour, Social Security & Solidarity

Konstantinos Agrapidas

Director General for Labour Relations, Health & Safety at Work & Intergration into Work, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs

Grigoris Alexopoulos

President, FODSA

Christina Alexopoulou

Member of Hellenic Parliament

Chris Allen

Resident Adviser in Athens, European Commission, Greece

Angelos Amditis

Research and Development Director & BoD, Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS)
Chairman, ERTICO-ITS Europe
Deputy Chairman, Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA)

Sia Anagnostopoulou

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Olympia Anastasopoulou

Secretary General for Tourism Policy and Development

László Andor

Secretary General of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS, Brussels), former European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Alexandros Angelopoulos

Managing Director, Aldemar Resorts

Michalis Angelopoulos

President of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Local Government (ITA)

Vasiliki Angouridi

Journalist, Managing Editor,

Rodianos Antonakopoulos

CEO, Nea Odos & Kentriki Odos

Christos Antonopoulos

Assistant Professor at the ECE Department of University of the Peloponnese, Greece

Stavros Asthenidis

CEO, Information Society S.A. (Κοινωνία της Πληροφορίας A.E.)

Dimitris Avramopoulos

fmr European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs & Foreign Minister of Greece

Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou

Member & Chair, Special Permanent Committee of Environmental Protection, Hellenic Parliament


Dimitris Ballas

Professor of Economic Geography, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen

Achilleas Barlas

Head of Unit-Innovation in SMEs, Technology Transfer Consultant, PRAXI Network

Sophia Beretanou

Journalist, 9.84 Radio

Ulrich Berger

Professor of Automation Technology at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, Ηonorary Professor of Smart Production at Aalborg University (Denmark)

Sotiris Beskos

Publisher OPINIONPOST (Dnews, News4health)

Christina Bikou

President, The Mental Health Association (ΣΟΨΥ)

Spyros Blavoukos

Associate Professor, Department of International and European Studies, Athens University of Economics and Business

Labros Bisdounis

Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of the Peloponnese

Michail Bletsas

Director of Computing, MIT Media Lab

Franc Bogovič

Member of the European Parliament

Charalabos Bonanos

Deputy Head of Regional Unit of Achaia,
Region of Western Greece

Johan Borgstam

Ambassador of Sweden to Greece

Vasiliki Boukouvala

Research and Teaching Fellow at the Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises of the University of Patras

Maria Boura

Executive Advisor on 5G,
Strategy and Leadership matters, Co-founder of the Women Leadership Hub

Christos Bouras

Rector, University of Patras

Angeliki Bouziani

Head of the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (INTERREG), Ministry of Development & Investments, Hellenic Republic


Antonis Cassano

Business Development Director at Uni Systems

Charalabos Charalabidis

Business Development Manager, Representative GEK TERNA

Yannis Charalabidis

Professor of Digital Governance, University of Aegean

Alexandros Charalambides

Associate Professor at the Cyprus University of Technology

Alexis Charitsis

Member of the Hellenic Parliament, SYRIZA Party, Former Minister of Internal Affairs

Alexandros Charkiolakis

Director at Friends of Music Society, Athens Concert Hall

Antonis Chaziris

Transportation Engineer – Senior Research Associate, Technical University of Athens

Ioannis Chomatas

Asset Development Division Director, DESFA

Ioannes P. Chountis

Senior Political Affairs Advisor, Hellenic Parliament

Hélène Chraye

Head of Unit, European Commission – Directorate – General for Research and Innovation – Clean Planet – Clean Energy Transition

Maria Christantoni

Sustainability Office, Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

Sotirios Christodoulou

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Dept. University of the Peloponnese

Themis Christophidou

Director-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, European Commission

Epaminondas Christofilopoulos

Head of Unit, Foresight & Tools; Chief Scientific Advisor Special Secretariat for Strategic Foresight, Praxi Network, Hellenic Repubic

Leonidas Christopoulos

Secretary General for Digital Governance and Simplification of Administrative Procedures, Hellenic Republic

Stephan J Clambaneva

Design Innovation Director, IDSA – Member of the Board of Directors

Sam Collins

Project Manager at the Oceano Azul Foundation


Melina Daskalakis

President, City of Athens Reception and Solidarity Centre (ΚYADA)

Christina Deligianni

Public Policy Officer, EPLO Institute for Sustainable Development

Vasilis Delis

Policy Specialist to the Vice – President of the European Parliament

Nektarios Demenopoulos

PR Manager, COSCO

Angeliki Dimitriadi

Senior Research Fellow, Migration Expert, ELIAMEP

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Futurist & Member of the Special Secretary for Strategic Foresight, Presidency of the Greek Government

Lampros Dimitrogiannis

Vice Governor of Sustainable Development, Energy and Environment

Dr. Panayotis Dimopoulos

Vice Rector for Research & Development, Department of Biology, University of Patras

Michael Donaldson

Barcelona Commissioner for Digital Innovation, eAdministration and Good Government

Kostantinos Drougos

CEO, OASIS Carbon Management | Adviser to Greek House Davos


Christos Economou

Acting Director, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

Athanasios Ellis

Editor-in-Chief, Kathimerini English Edition

Nikos Erinakis

Director of Research & Author, ENA Institute for Alternative Policies

George Evgenidis

Anchorman, Star Channel


Nektarios Farmakis

Regional Governor of Western Greece

Elisa Ferreira

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, European Commission

Andreas Filias

Deputy Head of Finance,
Region of Western Greece

Nikos Filippidis

Journalist, Macroeconomic, Anchor Mega TV, Columnist TA NEA

Ioannis Firbas

General Director, National Coordination Authority for ESIF

Lara Fleischer

Policy Analyst,
Well-Being Data Insights and Policy Practice Unit, Center on Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunities (WISE), OECD

Iasonas Fotilas

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Evgenia Fotoniata

Co-ordinator, Economy & Society, ENA Institute

Adela Franja

Project Officer, Joint Secretariat INTERREG ADRION Programme

Yannis Freris

Director of Corporate Communication & Sustainable Development of GEFYRA S.A.


Gianfranco Gadaleta

JS Coordinator, Interreg Greece-Italy Programme

Mina Gaga

Alternate Minister of Health, Hellenic Republic

Dr. Dimitris Galamatis

Secretary General for Communication and Information

George Galanos

Assistant Professor, Economic Policy and Competitiveness, University of Piraeus

Basil Gavalas

Head of International Relations, DIKTIO Network for Reform in Greece & Europe

Panagiotis Georgakopoulos

Civil Engineer, M.Sc., Physicist, Mathematician, M.Sc., Member of Scientific Committee of SAVE COAST

Georgios Georgantas

Minister of Rural Development & Food

Adonis Georgiades

Minister of Development & Investments, Hellenic Republic

Nikitas Georgiadis

Sales Account Manager for Public Sector of Cisco in Greece

Michalis Geranis

President of the Solid Waste Management Association,Regional of Central Macedonia

Tatiana Giemelou

Ηead of Business Development at the National Bank of Greece

Eleni Gioti

Secretary General for Employment Development, Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, Hellenic Repubilc

Dimitris Gkikas

Research Scientist at University of Patras, e-Business Intelligence Developer at OWEB Digital Experience

Erifili Gounari

Founder, The Z Link

Dr. Elia Gourgouris

Corporate Wellness & Mental Health Expert; Best-selling Author, International Keynote Speaker; President of The Happiness Center

Manolis Grafakos

Secretary General of Coordination and Waste Management,
Hellenic Republic

Vagelis Gorilas

Head of Public Sector, Vodafone Greece


Loukas Hadellis

Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. of the University of Peloponnese and Professor-Cooperating Teaching Stuff at the Hellenic Open University

Evi Hadjiandreou

Senior Global Director, Orgenesis INC

Kostis Hatzidakis

Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Hellenic Republic

Nikolaos Hlepas

Professor, Regional Administration and Local Government, University of Athens


Dimitris Iatridis

Executive Director, Hellenic Ports Association

Pr. Yannis Ioannidis

ATHENA RC, co-chair GCH

Nikolaos Ioannou

Board Director of Brooqly Inc.

Katarina Ivanković Knežević

Director for Social Rights and Inclusion, European Commission


Dionisios Kalamatianos

Member, Hellenic Parliament

Irina Kalderon Libal

Policy Officer in Unit “eHealth, Wellbeing and Ageing“ DG CNECT, European Commission

Athanasios Kalogeras

Research Director, Industrial Systems Institute, Research Centre ATHENA

Stavros Kalognomos

Executive Secretary, CPMR Balkan & Black Sea Commission

Panagiotis Kampylis

Digital Transformation Policy and Data Analyst at the Greek National Documentation Centre

Georgios Kanellis

Representative of The Union for the protection of natural and cultural environment of Corinthian and Patraian Gulfs

Amalia Kantzou

Journalist, SKAI Radio 100,3

Sotiris Kapellos

Chief Operating Officer (ELPE Renewables), Hellenic Petroleum Group of Companies

George Kapetzonis

Mayor of the Municipality of Dorida

Georgios Kapogiannis

Visiting Professor in Digital Construction and Port Information Modelling at the Ningbo Institute for Supply Chain Management | MIT Global Scale in China

Christoforos Kapopoulos

Founder of Aquaterra Company, Patras, Greece

Marianna Kapsetaki

Medical Doctor And Researcher, Neuroscientist, Imperial College London

George Karagiannis

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure at Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Nikos Karagiannis

Journalist,, Greece

Konstantinos Karagkounis

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Kostas Karamanlis

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Hellenic Republic

Vassilis Karamitsanis

President, Animasyros

Athanassios Karamoschos

Consultant and Expert in systems planning in local government

Konstantinos Karavatakis

Consultant at Deloitte Digital

Stamatis Karmantzis

Mayor of the Municipality of Chios

Theodoros Karounos

Director of Digital Governance, National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET)

Constantinos Kartalis

Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Environmental Physics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Yiannis Karvelis

Director, 6th Health Region Peloponnese, Ionian Islands, Epirus & Western Greece

John Karydas

CEO Renewable Energy Sources, Copelouzos Group

Charalampos Kasimis

Professor Emeritus, Agricultural University of Athens & Former General Secretary Ministry of Rural Development & Food, Hellenic Republic

Vasileios Kasiolas

Manager of Regional Development Dept., Data Consultants

Michalis Katrinis

Head of Parliamentary Group “Kinima Allagis”, MP of Ilia District

Andreas Katsaniotis

Deputy Minister for Diaspora Greeks Incumbent, Ministry of Exterior, Hellenic Republic

Barbara Kauffmann

Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Symeon Kedikoglou

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Rural Development

Vassilis Kikilias

Minister of Tourism, Hellenic Republic

Paris Kitsos

Associate Professor, with the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of the Peloponnese

Austin Kilroy

Senior Economist, World Bank

Demosthenes Kollias

Policy Associate, DIKTIO Network for Reform in Greece and Europe

Petros Kokkalis

Member of the European Parliament

Ioannis Kokkoris

CEO, Μember of Advisory board, Forester-Environmental scientist, MSc, Phd, Senior Researcher, Department of Biology, University of Patras

Paris Kokorotsikos

CEO, Μember of Advisory board, Visiting Prof. of Innovation Entrepreneurship, Euroconsultants, IASP (International Association of Areas of Innovation and Technology Parks), International Hellenic University

Dimitris Konstantopoulos

Member of the Hellenic Parliament, PASOK-KINAL, Greece

Athanasios Kontogeorgis

Secretary General of Coordination-Presidency of the Government, Hellenic Republic

Takis Korkolis

Development Director, “ENA” Institute for Alternative Policies

Nasos Koskinas

Founder & CEO, POS4work Innovation Hub

Ioannis Kotsiopoulos

General Secretary Of Health Services, Ministry of Health

Konstantinos Koukodimos

Mayor of the Municipality of Katerini

Dimitris Koutras

Vice-Chairman, Executive Member of the BoD of Intrakat

Christos Konstas

Financial Editor; Editor in Chief |
Intelligence, not just news TO XPHMA

Dr. Phoebe Koundouri

Prof. Athens University of Economics & Business, President EAERE, Fellow World Academy of Art & Science, Chair UN SDSN Europe

Elena Kountoura

Member of the European Parliament

Christos Koutras

Journalist, SKAI TV

Nikos Koutsias

Professor in Environmental Informatics, Remote Sensing and GIS

Vassilis Koutsoumpas

Co-Founder & Executive Director, WEFOR

Rodi Kratsa

Governor, Ionian Islands Region, Hellenic Republic

Ambassador Tasos Kriekoukis

Diplomatic Advisor to the Mayor of Athens, City of Athens

Alekos Kritikos

Senior Policy Advisor. ELIAMEP, Former senior official, European Commission, Former Secretary General, Ministry of the Interior, ELIAMEP

Stelios Kympouropoulos

Member of the European Parliament


Nikolaos Lambrogeorgos

Client Executive, Public Sector Greece, CISCO

Haris Lambropoulos

President of the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments SA (HDBI, ex TANEO-New Economy Fund)

Konstantinos Lambropoulos

Journalist, PELOPONNISOS Newspaper

Yiannis Latoudis

Political Advisor in the Parliamentary Group of the Socialists & Democrats, European Parliament

Efthymios Lekkas

Professor, Dynamic Tectonic Applied Geology & Disaster Management, Athens University

Panagiotis Liargovas

Jean Monnet Professor at the University of the Peloponnese

Spilios Livanos

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Xenia I. Loizidou

Research Fellow, Mediterranean Programme, ELIAMEP

Juan Fernando López Aguilar

Member of the European Parliament

Sofia Loukadounou

Employee at Directorate for the coordination of at
Ministry of Digital Governance

Kalliopi Lykovardi

Deputy Ombudsman for Equal Treatment, The Greek Ombudsman


Ioannis Maghiros

Head of the Human Capital & Employment unit of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

Konstantinos Magnis

Editor in Chief. PELOPONNISOS Newspaper

Sofoklis Makrides

Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Patras

Alexandros P. Mallias

Former Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the United States

Spyridon Mamalis

President, Geotechnical Chamber of Greece

Damjan Manchevski

Director of Strategic Accounts & General Manager for Balkans, Member Of The Management Board, MAK SYSTEM, MASIT ICT Chamber of commerce

Yannis Maniatis

f. Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Dimitrios Mantzos

Spokesperson, PASOK

Nikolaos Mantzoufas

Governor of Greek Recovery and Resilience Agency, Ministry of Finance, Hellenic Republic

Dimitris Maravelias

Chair of the BoD, EETAA

Eleni Marianou

Secretary General of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)

Pavlos Marinakis

Secretary of Nea Dimokratia

Giorgos Markatatos

Chairman, ΣΕΚΕΕ (Digital Transformation Innovators) & CEO Regate S.A.

Kostas Markou

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Platon Marlafekas

Vice President of Loux SA, President of Achaia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Maria Clara Martin

Representative, UNHCR, Greece

Yannis Mastrogeorgiou

Special Secretary for Foresight, Presidency of the Government

Athanasios Mavromatis

Deputy Head of Infrastructure and Transport, Region of Western Greece

Ronald Meinardus

Senior Research Fellow, Head of Mediterranean Program, ELIAMEP

Domna Michailidou

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, responsible for social welfare and social solidarity

Dimitrios Michalopoulos

Head of Quality and E-Government of Regional Development Fund – Region of Western Greece

Anastasia Miliou

Scientific Director, Archipelagos

Panagiotis Milis

Chief Technology Officer (CTO),

Nicola De Michelis

Director for Smart and Sustainable Growth and Programme Implementation, European Commission

Theodoros Mparis

Mayor of Erymanthos, Vice president of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Western Greece

Theodoros Mparis

Mayor of Erymanthos, Vice president of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Western Greece


Panagiotis Nikas

Governor, Region of Peloponnese

Andreas Nikolakopoulos

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Dimitrios Nikolakopoulos

Deputy Regional Minister of Sports, Volunteering and Olympism

Maria Nikoltsiou

Anchorwoman, Alpha TV

Vassilis Ntousas

Head of European Operations for Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Yiannis Ntsounos

Journalist, SKAI TV

Leonidas Ntziachristos

Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Jozef Pacolet

Emeritus Professor in Social and economic policy & social inclusion, Member, European Commission High Level Group on the Future of Social Protection in the EU and of the Welfare State in the EU Members, European Commission

Ilias Palialexis

Journalist at Athens Macedonian News Agency –

Thanos Pallis

Professor in Port and Maritime Economics & Policy, at the Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus, Greece, President of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME)

Dmitry Pankin

President, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB)

Dimitris Panopoulos

Labour Market Data Analyst, Head of Public Policy Research & Documentation Unit, Greek Social Innovation Coordinator, M.O.L.

Athanasios Papadopoulos

Mayor of Kalavryta, President of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Western Greece

Panagiotis Papadopoulos

Deputy Governor Administration and e-Government, Region of Western Greece

Antonis Papageorgiou

Senior Loan Officer, Investment Team for Greece and Cyprus, European Investment Bank (EIB)

Elias Papageorgiou

Loan Officer at European Investment Bank

George Papanastasiou

Mayor of the Municipality of Agrinio

George Papandreou

Former Prime Minister of Greece, President of Socialist International

Sotiris Papandreou

Journalist, PELOPONISSOS Newspaper

Panagiotis Papanikolas

Chairman & CEO at Olympia Odos S.A.

Fanis Papathanasiou

Diplomatic correspondent, ERT

Vasileios Papathanasiou

Deputy Head of the Department of Programming, Research and Agri-food Development Programmes

Nikos Papathanasis

Alternate Minister of Development and Investments, Hellenic Republic

George Papatheodorou

Professor of “Environmental and Geological Oceanography” in the Geology Department, Dean of School of Natural Sciences of the University of Patras

Theodoros Papatheodorou

Professor, University of the Peloponnese; Deputy Minister of Education and Religions of Greece (2012-2013)

Lena Paraskeva

Journalist, STAR Central Greece

Michael Paraskevas

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department University of the Peloponnese

Zoe Paschalidi

Associate at EBRD

Dimitris Pefanis

Journalist, CNN Greece

Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Aimilios Perdikaris

Chairman Of The Board, General Manager, Athens Macedonian News Agency

Aris Peroulakis

President, National Documentation Center ΕΚΤ

Manolis Perrakis

Procurement and Development Director

Iolanda Piedra Mañes

Maritime Cluster of Balearic Islands, Kingdom of Spain

Panagiotis Plakentas

President of the Solid Waste Management Association, Regional of Western Macedonia

Ioannis Plakiotakis

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Hellenic Republic

Athanasios Plevris

Minister of Health, Hellenic Republic

Nikos Plevris

Head of Vodafone Cloud & Connectivity Department

Christina Politi

Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Peloponnese

Ludovica Principato

Researcher of Marketing and Sustainability Roma Tre University – Dept. of Business Administration

Giorgio Prister

President of Major Cities of Europe

Natassa Pyrgaki

Head of Development Planning Department of Western Greece


Menelaos Radisis

Software Engineer | Salesforce Trailblazer | Senior Consultant at Deloitte Digital

H.E. Ernst Reichel

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Greece

Marina Rizogianni

Journalist, PELOPONNISOS Newspaper

Roman Römisch

Senior Economist, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW)


Panagiotis Sakellaropoulos

Authorized Advisor, Assistant Regional Governor with responsibilities for Planning,
Studies and Development Programs of Agri-food

Maria Salma

Regional vice Governor of Etoloakarnania

Marios Salmas

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Taxiarchis Sardellis

Vice President BoD, ALTUS LSA

Katerina Saridaki

Director, Capsule T Accelerator

Rupert Schlegelmilch

Deputy Director-General of DG Trade, European Commission

Alexandra Sdoukou

Secretary General for Energy & Mineral Resources

Dimitris Serpanos

Chairman, Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology, Institute of Computer Technology and Publications (ITYE) – Diofantos

Sotiris Siagas

Venture Stories Partners, CEO | Chairman, TECS Capital, Partne

Spiros Sirmakessis

Professor, Dept of Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering, University of Peloponnese

Maria Skagou

Vice Chair Board Of Directors, Vodafone Greece

Dimitris Skalkos

Secretary General of Public Investment and PA, Ministry of Development and Investments, Greece

Dimitrios Skouras

Vice Rector for Finance and Planning, University of Patras

Konstantinos Skrekas

Minister of Environment & Energy, Hellenic Republic

Yannis Smyrlis

Secretary General for International Economic Affairs & Chairman of Enterprise Greece

Fanis Spanos

Governor, Region of Central Greece

Maria Spyraki

Member of the European Parliament

Spyros Spyridon

Managing Director, Hellenic Agency for Local Development & Local Government

Angeliki Stamelou

Communications Manager of the organization “Boroume”

Spyridon Stavropoulos

Researcher at EHERO, Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Aristofanis Stefatos

CEO, Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management

Christos Stefanatos

Managing Partner EV Loader

Yorgos Stephanedes

Emeritus Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras

Christos Stylianides

Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Hellenic Republic

Chrysostomos Stylios

Manager, Institute of Industrial Systems, Research Center “ATHENA”

Maria Syrengela

Deputy Minister, responsible for the Demography and Family Policy

Joanna Szychowska

Director, DG TRADE, Services & Digital Trade, Investment & Intellectual Property, EC


Vasilis Tampakas

Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Peloponnese

Manolis Terrovitis

Principal Researcher, Information Systems Management Institute, Research Center Athena

Harry Theoharis

Parliamentary Spokesman and Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Prokopis Theodoridis

Associate Professor, Marketing at the Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises, University of Patras

Sergios Theodoridis

Professor Emeritus of Signal Processing and Machine Learning in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications; Distinguished Professor Chair, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; Aalborg University

Constantina Theofanopoulou

Post-Doctoral researcher; Fellow, Rockefeller University; New York University

Ioannis Tomkos

Professor of Optical Communications at the ECE Department, University of Patras

Dimitris Triantafyllopoulos

Editor-in-Chief, PELOPONNISOS Newspaper

Vassilis Triantafyllou

Professor of the Electrical and Computer engineering Department of the University of Peloponnese

Dimitris Troulakis

Head ESF Actions Coordination & Monitoring Authority, Development and Investments

Konstantinos Tsagkaropoulos

Governor at Greek Seamen’s Pension Fund (N.A.T.)

Yannis Tsakalos

CEO, AQ Strategy

Dr. Marios Tsakas

CEO of Public Gas Distribution Networks SA(DEDA)

Yannis Tsakiris

Deputy Minister for Development & Investments, Hellenic Republic

Lina Tsaltampasi

President, Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – SEGE

Efthymios Tsiatouras

Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, Rural Development Interventions Implementation Authority, Investments on Agricultural Holdings, head of Unit

Aggelos Tsigkris

Member of Parliament, Hellenic Parliament

Lena Tsipouri

Professor Emeritus, Department of Economic Sciences, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Panagiotis Tsonis

CEO, Patras Port Authority

Theodoros Tsoumpelis

Secretary General of Chamber of Achaia & CEO, Dynacomp SA

Konstantinos Tzamaloukas

Project Manager Interreg ADRION InnoXenia PLUS Project Region of Western Greece

Vassilis Tzanakaris

Author, Historian

Giannis Tzimas

Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Peloponnese


Apostolos Vantarakis

Professor in the Public Health Laboratory at the Department of Medicine of the University of Patras

Olivier Vardakoulias

Economist, Finance and Subsidies Coordinator, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe

Giorgos Varemenos

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Theodoros Vasilopoulos

Deputy Regional Head of Rural Development, Region of Western Greece

Nikos Vettas

General Director, Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research IOBE | Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business

Francisco Vigalondo

Representative in Brussels at Aragón Exterior, Region of Aragon

Maria Voutsina

Head of Europe Direct Information Center of the Region of Western Greece

Nikolaos Voros

Professor at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Peloponnese

Diana Voutirakou

Founder & General Manager, Software Developer, Educational Robotics Consultant, Unique Minds, Custom Surgical, Plaisio


Ioannis Xifaras

General Secretary of Transport – Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Hellenic Repubilc

George Xirogiannis

Deputy Director General, SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises


Nicholas Yatromanolakis

Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, responsible for Contemporary Culture, Hellenic Republic

Yiannis Yiarentis

Chairman of BoD & CEO


Anastasia Zacharaki

Deputy Project Manager of ESM

Sofia Zacharaki

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Hellenic Republic

Theofanis Zacharatos

Scientific Associate in the Region of Western Greece, Researcher at the University of Patras

Konstantinos Zachariadis

Member of the Hellenic Parliament

Ierotheos Zacharias

Professor of Environmental Engineering Department of Civil Engineering, University of Patras

Fokion Zaimis

Vice Governor for Entrepreneurship,
Research & Innovation, Region of Western Greece

Avraam Zelilidis

Professor, Department of Geology, University of Patras

Panagiotis Zervas

Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Peloponnese

George Zervos

Special Secretary for European Regional Development Fund, Ministry of Development & Investments, Hellenic Republic

George Zervos

Special Secretary for European Regional Development Fund, Ministry of Development & Investments, Hellenic Republic

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