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Dr. Panayotis Dimopoulos

Vice Rector for Research & Development, Department of Biology, University of Patras

I hold a degree in Biological Sciences and a PhD on “Flora and Vegetation Ecology of mountain  ecosystems”. Faculty member since 2000 and Professor in Botany and Ecology from 2009 to 2016 in the  Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management and from 2016 onwards in the  Department of Biology of the University of Patras. My research interests and key-expertise (1990-2021)  lie in: flora and vegetation analysis, conservation and ecology of species and habitats focusing to:  inventory, monitoring, assessment and mapping of habitats and ecosystems in protected areas (Greece  & Cyprus); biodiversity evaluation and analysis (species and community level); mapping and assessment  of ecosystems and their services; vegetation and flora databases; Article 17 (Dir. 92/43/EEC) reporting  on the conservation status assessment of habitat types (Greece & Cyprus); conservation policy and  National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Implementation. 

I have published 136 articles in international scientific journals (1990-2021), I have participated with  110 and 90 oral presentations in International and National Conferences respectively. I have  participated as lead researcher and to date have coordinated 40 national and 20 European research  projects. I have served and still serve as: 

  1. I) Scientific coordinator:  
  2. a) for the preparation and edition in 10 volumes of the Flora of Greece (Flora Hellenica), 120 years  after the first and only existing Flora of Greece (Conspectus Flora Graecae, 1904-1908)  b) for the edition of the National Biodiversity Strategy and its Action Plan for Implementation in  Greece (Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, 2013-2014),  c) of the Working Group on Nature Conservation policy implementation in Greece with emphasis to  the Natura 2000 network (Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, 2013-2014). 
  3. II) National Representative at the MAES working group in the European Commission on “Mapping and  Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services” (MAES activities, 2014- present) 

III) Deputy Chair of the Natura 2000 National Committee for the Protected Areas of Greece (2010- 2013). 

  1. IV) Chair of the Natura 2000 National Committee for the Protected Areas of Greece (2020-2023).