Alexandra Mitsotaki

President & Co-founder World Human Forum

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Studies from the Institute of Political Studies of Paris and a Post graduate degree on Development Issues.

She worked at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), where she specialised further in poverty issues in the developing world. She is a profound believer in civil society mobilisation and in citizen responsibility and their capacity to hold governments accountable at all levels of civic engagement.

In 1998 she founded the Greek affiliate of ActionAid, the international organisation against poverty and injustice, ActionAid Hellas. Since 2009 she chairs the Hellenic Cultural Centre in Paris, with the aim of establishing a tool of cultural diplomacy for Greece in the Francophone world. Reacting to the financial crisis in Greece, in 2014 she co founded Action Finance Initiative, the first microcredit organisation in Greece with partners ActionAid Hellas and Adie France. In 2017 she cofounded and is the President of the World Human Forum, a global citizen initiative which has its symbolic base in Delphi.  She is a member of the High Level Roundtable Committee of the New European Bauhaus, an initiative of the European Commission aiming to connect the European Green Deal to our living spaces. 

She teaches seminars on Political Economy of Development at the Institute of Political Studies of Paris as a guest speaker.