Eleni Fotopoulou

Deputy Head Officer, Head of Unit B’ of the Managing Authority of FEAD, Greece – National Institute of Labor and Human Resources

My name is Eleni Fotopoulou and I work  for the National Institute of Labour and Human Resources, which is the Managing Authority of FEAD in Greece.  I am the Head of Unit B, which is the unit that has the responsibility of the management of FEAD Operational Programme and  the implementation of FEAD Operations in Greece. Our role is to supervise the acquisition of food and basic material assistance by the Partner Organizations and to assure the distribution to the End Recipients and the provision of accompanying measures, in compliance with the relevant EU and national legislation. Prior to that, I was engaged to co-funded Operations of ESF during the programming period of 2007 – 2013. I have a degree in law and I have been working as a lawyer as well.