Ketan Patel

Co-founder and CEO, Greater Pacific Capital

CEO and Founder, Greater Pacific Capital; Formerly MD, Goldman Sachs, Head of Strategic Group; Formerly Partner, KPMG; Author of ‘The Master Strategist’

Ketan is the author of ‘The Master Strategist’ (Random House, Hutchinson Press, July 11, 2005, Jan 4, 2007, resp), the former head of the Strategic Group at Goldman Sachs and heads the investment firm, Greater Pacific Capital, leading their investment committee, key relationships and research.  He has worked extensively in the US, Europe, China, Japan and India, providing strategic counsel to leaders in government and business.  He leads the future of capitalism project on ‘Capital as a Force for Good’ (report published December 2020).  Chairs the working group on the ‘Future of Finance’ for the UN-World Academy of Art and Science on their ‘Global Leadership’ initiative and is a Fellow of the Academy.  Special speaker topics include the rise and fall of great power, geopolitical shifts and the global capital systems.  Studied Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.