Panagiotis Nikas

Regional Governor of Peloponnese

Panagiotis Nikas was born in Kentro Avias (at the Mani region) in 1950. He  studied Literature and Political Science at the National and Kapodistrian  University of Athens. 

For many years he worked as a highschool teacher in Kalamata. Since the start of his career he has been an active member of the teachers’  unions and was repeatedly voted for by his colleagues as their  representative in numerous elections. 

He had been elected as a member of the Prefectural Council of Messinia for  twelve consecutive years. For seven of those years he held the position of  Deputy Prefect. Also he served as the Chairman of various Prefectural  Committees and also as the Chairman of the Prefectural Council. 

He had been elected as the Mayor of Kalamata in 2006 (4-year term), in  2010 (4-year term) and in 2014 (5-year term). In 2011 he was elected as the  first President of the newly established Regional Union of Municipalities of  Peloponnese.  

Panayiotis Nikas was elected as the new Regional Governor of Peloponnese  and assumed office on the 1st of September 2019.  

He is married to Anastasia Militsi, PhD, Head of the National Archives of  Messinia and has three sons: Vangelis, an Electrical and Computer Engineer  with a PhD, Elias a Medical Doctor assistant University Professor and  Nicholas a Civil Engineer, MSc.