Meet our RGC 2023 speakers
Evangelos Fragkakis
Major of Chalki Municipality of Chalki

The Mayor of Chalki, Mr. Evangelos Frangakis, born on September 12, 1974, is originally from the island of Chalki. His parents were also born and raised on the island of ChalkiHe completed primary and part of secondary education on the island of Chalki and graduated from Lyceum of Rhodes. After his acceptance, he graduated from the University of Chalkida (Department of Technological and Mechanical Engineering) as a mechanical engineer. His love and passion for the common good and with the aim of helping his fellow citizens he later joined the Greek Police Force. From 1999 to 2006 he served in the Exarcheia police stationIn the process, he served for almost ten years as a personal guard and close partner to the Member of Parliament for the Dodecanese, Minister of Health and Professor of Cardiology, Dimitrios KremastinosHe dealt with the public sector in 2019, when he founded the party Love and Vision for the Island of Chalki and Alimiawhich led to his election as  Mayor of Chalki Island a few months laterAt the same time he is also the president of the Development Agency of the Dodecanese SA. The main objectives of the development agency were defined as the basic principles of rural development which relate to economic and environmental sustainability. the promotion of the knowledge society as a structural element of innovative entrepreneurship, extroversion, employment and social cohesionHis love for the island of Chalki and sports is reflected in practice long before the 2019 elections. Since 2006, the year of the establishment of the Sports Association, he has supported all efforts as a coach, and then as head of the Football Academy. These efforts led to the implementation of the construction project of the stadium of the AS Chalki  football teamOne of his favorite interests is literature and poetry and particularly he is inspired by the epic of Odysseyby the author Nikos Kazantzakis. His vision, is to make the place where he was born and raised, a prototype model island of creativitysustainability and innovationThe enthusiastic vision and all the efforts made until now, led the Greek Government on the 5th of November 2021 to inaugurate the island of Chalki as the first GR-Eco Island in Greece.

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