Meet our RGC 2023 speakers
Panayotis Dimopoulos

Professor, Vice Rector, Research & Development, University of Patras

Degree in Biological Sciences, PhD on Biodiversity and Ecology. Faculty member since 2000 and Professor in Ecology from 2009 to 2016 in the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management and from 2016 onwards in the Department of Biology of the University of Patras. Research interests and key-expertise (1990-2022) lie in: flora and vegetation analysis, conservation and ecology of species and habitats focusing to: inventory, monitoring, assessment and mapping of species, habitats and ecosystems in protected areas (Greece & Cyprus); biodiversity assessment and analysis (species and community level); mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services; vegetation and flora databases; Article 17 (Dir. 92/43/EEC) reporting on the conservation status assessment of habitat types (Greece & Cyprus); conservation policy and National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Implementation. Publications: 147 articles in international scientific journals (1990-2023); last 22 years (2001-2023) 131 articles in ISI journals. Google Scholar: 10-year h-index is 109 for the complete list of publications and 73 since 2018, total h-index is 39).  Total number of citations: 7062 (1990-2023). Following Scopus h-index is 31 and number of citations: 3758. Congresses: 123 and 95 oral presentations in International and National Conferences respectively. Projects: participation as lead researcher and coordination of 40 national and 20 European research projects. PhDs & MScs: supervision of 8 PhD completed theses and currently supervision of 5 PhD theses in the Department of Biology, University of Patras; supervision of more than 30 master’s theses and participation in more than 30 doctoral theses examination committees and in more than 15 advisory committees. Scientific/Administrative Positions: 2006-2009, 2016-2022: Chair of the Hellenic Botanical Society, 2022-2025: Secretary of the Hellenic Botanical Society; 2016-2025: Director of the Herbarium of the Department of Biology, University of Patras (UPA Herbarium); 2020-2023: Chair of the Natura 2000 National Committee of Protected Areas; 2003-2012: Director of the postgraduate studies program: Sustainable Management of Protected Areas and Chair of the coordinating Committee; 2017-2023: Scientific responsible for the Flora of Greece project (funding by the Green Fund). 

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