Meet our RGC 2023 speakers
Vaggelis Liolios

President, Hellenic Basketball Federation (EOK)

Evangelos Liolios was born in Patras in 1967. He is married and has four children. He speaks
English and German. He is a Medical Graduate from the University of Patras, Greece, and holds a Master’s degree in Health Unit Management (MBA) from the Hellenic Open University. He has practiced Pediatrics for 13 years and as a pediatrician he has written and presented publications at international and Panhellenic medical conferences, with an emphasis on the Pediatric Pulmonology. In 1999 he founded the company Supply Unique S.A. (Coffee Island), which is still controlled by him as a shareholder. In these 23 years, the company has experienced a continuous expansion, being today the No. 1 coffee chain in Greece and Southern Europe. The company’s network of 428 stores is spread over 50 regional units and 114 cities in Greece and in another 52 locations abroad (Cyprus, United Kingdom, Canada, UAE  Switzerland, Romania, Egypt), while its products are also available through the organized retail. In 2022, Coffee Island emerges for the 4th time as the Best Coffee Chain in Southern Europe (Allegra, European Awards 2022) and as the #7 brand in terms of growth rate & network size in Europe among global brands (International list FoodService Europe & Middle East 2021). In parallel with his business activities, in 2004, Mr. Liolios became president of the Sports Club PROMITHEAS PATRON, after a long amateur involvement in sports. From 2012, when PROMITHEAS was in the local leagues, until 2016, PROMITHEAS recorded rises in the national categories every year, having reached today to star in the Greek basketball. In September 2021, Mr. Liolios was elected as the President of the Hellenic Basketball Federation (Greek abbreviated as E.O.K.), the highest administrative organization for basketball in Greece. As the president of E.O.K., he serves the sport of basketball.

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