Meet our RGC 2024 speakers
Antonia Colibasanu
Professor & Senior Geopotical Analyst, Romania


Antonia Colibasanu is a Senior Fellow in the Eurasia Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a Senior Geopolitical Analyst with Geopolitical Futures and Co-Founder & Principal at Allonia Group. In her latest book, “Geopolitics, Geoeconomics and Borderlands. A Study of a Changing Eurasia and Its Implications for Europe” she presents a timely account of current crises at Europe’s borderlands, discussing the urgent challenges following the Covid-19 pandemic and those brought forward by the war in Ukraine. She has also published two other works: “2022 – the Geoeconomic Roundabout” and “Contemporary Geopolitics and Geoeconomics 2.0” (in Romanian and English), discussing the framework for understanding geopolitics and how economic factors intersect politics and social stability. She is also lecturer on international relations at the Romanian National University of Political Studies and Public Administration and Associate Senior Expert with the New Strategy Center in Bucharest. Prior to joining Geopolitical Futures in 2016 as Senior Analyst, Dr. Colibasanu spent more than 10 years with Stratfor in various positions, including as partner for Europe and vice president for international marketing. She works closely with bestselling authors George Friedman and Robert D. Kaplan and served as Honorary Adviser to Romania’s Minister of Energy. She is a trainer on geopolitics for European Affairs program at the Romanian European Institute. Dr. Colibasanu has also worked and developped various courses and educational programs with the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. She frequently speaks on international economics and security topics at conferences and events in Europe, and since 2012, she has served on the educational board of the International Academy of Advanced Studies in Greece, a summer program that brings together students from Eurasia and the Middle East. Prior to joining Stratfor in 2006, Dr. Colibasanu held a variety of roles with the World Trade Center Association in Bucharest. Among other academic credentials, she holds a doctorate in international business and economics from Bucharest’s Academy of Economic Studies, where her thesis focused on country risk analysis and investment decision-making processes within transnational companies. She also holds a master’s degree in international project management. She is an alumna of the International Institute on Politics and Economics, Georgetown University.

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