Meet our RGC 2024 speakers
Apostolos Karampaglidis
Researcher, Peace Journalism Laboratory, AUTH Nikos Mysirlakis, Program Manager, Athanasios K. Charitable Foundation Laskaridis


Professional aiming to take on a role in the planning, execution and monitoring of projects related to social and environmental issues. It seeks new possibilities and solutions, in order to contribute to making changes that positively affect society and the environment. With strong communication and organizational skills and an interest in sustainability and social justice, she wishes to acquire new skills related to the effective management of any project.


□             Communication skills       Critical Thinking

□             Creativity              Collaboration

□             Adaptability          Problem-Solving



Master Degrees of Environmental Management and Environmental Education | International University of Greece | 2022- 2023

Main Courses: Environmental Programs and Policy, Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment, Environmental Pollution and Action, Environmental Resource Management and Sustainability, Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation,

Environmental Communication and Media, Environmental Actions in Education

Thesis: “Climate Change and Misinformation. Their Main Narratives in Greece”. Bachelor of Information Technology and Mass Media | TEI of Patras | 2005-2016

Baccalaureate – Degree in Economics and Management, Specializing in Financial Services Technical Vocational School of Orestiada Evros| 2005





Associate Researcher| Peace Journalism Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | 10/2023-  Projects

1)New Forms of Journalism and Journalistic Studies 2)Institutional Capacity to Address Disinformation (ICAD) 3)Media Literacy Seniors (MELISE)

  • developing new formats and methods for journalism, such as multimedia storytelling, data journalism, immersive journalism (like VR), and mobile journalism
  • Researching and designing new curricula or educational programs to train the next generation of journalists in these new forms and technologies.
  • Analyzing current trends in journalism and predicting future developments in the field.
  • Addressing ethical issues that arise with new journalistic practices and technologies.
  • Studying the nature, sources, and impacts of disinformation on society, politics, and media.
  • Working with governments, NGOs, and other institutions to create policies and strategies to combat disinformation.
  • Developing campaigns to educate the public about recognizing and dealing with disinformation.
  • Collaborating with other institutions and providing training to journalists, educators, and policymakers on how to detect and counteract disinformation.
  • Creating and implementing programs specifically tailored to improve media literacy among senior citizens.
  • Developing materials and resources that help seniors critically analyze media content and understand the digital landscape.
  • Engaging with senior communities to promote media literacy and provide accessible training sessions.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of media literacy programs for seniors and making adjustments based on feedback and outcomes.


Customer Service & Technical Support Officer | PeopleCert, Thessaloniki | 06/2022 – 11/2022

  • Reception of candidates, information about the examination process and support during the examination
  • Technical customer support and immediate resolution of related problems
  • Constant communication with managers and staff to ensure the smooth operation of the shift
  • Daily updating of the file and production of relevant reports for the exams


Storekeeper – Salesman | EGNATIA SA, Thessaloniki | 03/2022 – 05/2022

  • Control and inventory of warehouse stocks and supply of refrigerators and freezers with products
  • Loading and unloading of products in the warehouse area and on the sales floors
  • Packaging of vegetables and fruits and general cleanliness and adherence to all sanitary protocols


Project Manager Assistant – Social Carer | Terre des Hommes, Safe zone, Imathia | 07/2021 – 11/2021

  • Participation in the planning and execution of projects with the aim of improving the structure and hospitality of the beneficiaries
  • Examination and registration of the necessary admission documents of the beneficiaries, maintaining records of reports
  • Inventory management and distribution of consumables, hygiene products, as well as goods to the beneficiaries
  • Update request file and monitor progress and compliance with project goals and standards in collaboration with relevant agencies
  • Providing escort services to the beneficiaries to hospitals, private doctors and various public services, ensuring their good service and updating the relevant file




Driver | International Organization of Migration | Four Seasons Hotel, Thessaloniki | 02/2021 – 06/2021

  • Reference person for the monthly planning of vehicle movements, as well as responsible for the supporting documents of the vehicles such as invoices, manuals and passenger escort forms
  • Keeping electronic and paper records of all itineraries, documents and service of the vehicles
  • Accompanying the beneficiaries to public hospitals, private doctors, asylum office and any other service
  • Transportation of employees to and from the workplace


Administrative Officer – Social Caregiver | International Organization of Migration | Athina Hotel, Pieria | 10/2020 – 02/2021

  • Checking of all the admission documents of the beneficiaries as well as recording in a digital and printed file
  • Checking and recording the stocks of consumables, hygiene items and distributing them to the residents of the structure
  • Updating the request file and monitoring their progress in collaboration with other colleagues
  • Distribution of goods such as clothes and shoes to the beneficiaries and update of the relevant file
  • Accompanying the beneficiaries to a hospital, private doctors, as well as any kind of public service


Data Collector | International Organization of Migration | Reception and Identification Center, Evros Police Station | 01/2019 – 06/2019

  • Collection, classification and recording of collected data in databases
  • Data processing and analysis, preparation and submission of weekly reports to management


Postal Service Clerk | Liakidou Chryssi, Nea Vyssa Evrou | 11/2013 – 07/2018

  • Receipt, distribution and delivery of ordinary and registered mail and parcels and collection of accounts for postal delivery services from customers


Journalist- Assistant Director | FG TV Productions, Thessaloniki | 02/2011 – 07/2011 (internship) & 08/2011 – 05/2012 (volunteer work)

  • Researching articles and presenting content through TV shows, ensuring quality information
  • Communication management and company representation, workflow planning, imaging and media processing





□             Training Certificate “New trends in communication, mass media and journalism”, THISAM – Ms. D.E – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | 2023

□             Training Certificate, Computerized accounting with SOFTONE ERP, Easy Computer – Κε. Δι. Βι.Μ. | 2022

□             Educational program “Modern immigration and refugees in Greece” | National Kapodistrian University | 2020

□             Social deprivation, child protection and human rights | ARSIS | 01-03/11/2019

□             “ICT: Market Trends and Employment Opportunities”- “E-nnovation” Competition, International Hellenic University | 2012

□             Key-Cert its Specialist, Web Designer, Sp010008714 | 2008






□             English language – Proficiency level C2

□             Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

□             ERP SoftOne   CRM


□             Volunteer Firefighter

□             Samaritan Rescuer of the Greek Red Cross

□             Volunteer of the 13th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

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