Meet our RGC 2024 speakers
Argyris Demertzis
Journalist, Head of ECOPRESS


Argyris Demertzis Responsible of the news portal for the environment Ecopress

Completes 40 years of professional experience in journalism. Specialized in technical, economic, environmental and energy topics. Has worked in the major print and electronic media of Greece. He is partner of Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) for three decades, while he is involved with the information of engineer members of TCG and the public opinion. Has been participated in the organization, presentation, and advertisement of major of events, publications, presentations with the participation of representatives of the Greek community, European Union, academics, scientists, professional and business carriers, and ecologic organizations etc. He had been for 8 years member of the administration of the health and auxiliary insurance fund of the journalists of Greece (EDOEAP).

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