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Christoforos Kapopoulos
Civil Engineer, Geologist & Geotechnical Engineer, Coastal Engineering Specialist

Professional Summary

Experienced civil engineer with a proven track record in infrastructure and coastal engineering projects. Civil Engineering Diploma from the Democritus University of Thrace and a Geology Degree from the University of Patras. Over 35 years of running a successful technical office specializing in public project studies, geoscientific applications and Environmental Impact Assessment elaboration. Notable achievements include securing funding for coastal upgrade projects and collaborating with international institutions. Proficient in geotechnical and hydrodynamic analyses, environmental studies, and innovative/patented coastal protection methods using Soft engineering arrangements and Nature based Solutions (NbS).




Work Experience

Founder and Principal Engineer | AQUATERRA (1989–Present)


  • Established and  managing  a  Company  specializing  in  geotechnical  and  hydrodynamic analyses, environmental studies, and coastal engineering.
  • Successfully secured funding for various public infrastructure projects.
  • Collaborated with international Companies, Authorities
  • Developed innovative  methods  for  coastal  protection  using  environmentally  friendly approaches (Greek Industrial Organization issued Patent).








University           University of Patras, Greece / Polytechnic School

Years       2001 – 2004

Degree     Masters Degree : Civil Engineering Infrastructure




University           Democritus University of Thrace, Greece / Polytechnic School

Years       1998 – 2001

Degree     Diploma in Civil Engineering / Hydraulic & Coastal Works



University           University of Patras, Greece

Years       1983 – 1988

Degree:    GEOLOGY





Course Institution           Danish Hydrology Institute/Department for Coastal & Estuarine Dynamics (CED), Denmark

Year         2017

Degree     Certificate on Shoreline Management

Course Institution           Danish Hydrology Institute Year      June 2017

Degree     Certificate on “Sand Transport Modeling using MIKE 21 Coupled Model Flexible Mesh”



Course Institution          



Year         Jun 2012

Degree     Certificate on Computational Fluid Dynamics – ANSYS MECHANICAL & FLUENT



Course Institution           UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands

Year         March 2007 – July 2007

Degree     Certificate on Integrated Coastal Zone Management





Scholarships – Distinctions


2001        Civil Engineering Diploma Grade 8.09/10 (2nd) Democritus University of Thrace, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic School

1983        State   Institution   of   Scholarships   (Ι.Κ.Υ.)   (4rth   )   University   of Patras/Dept. of Geology




Language Perception      Verbal Speech             Written word

Greek (Native language) 5          5                      5

English    5          4                      4





Professional Experience

Conducting Studies and Applications in the scientific fields of Coastal Engineering, Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Port Works, Hydraulic Engineering, and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Duration: From (March 1988 to present)

Company/Service Name: CH. KAPOPOULOS & ASSOCIATES CO. AQUATERRA Position in the Company: Manager.

Responsibilities: Study Development – Project Management: Conducting Investigations, Studies of Public and Private Interest, Collaboration with Research Institutes, University Depts, Companies, NGOs in the areas of Geology and Civil Engineering.


In Conclusion

  • 30 years in Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics, field Surveys
  • 22 years in Coastal, Hydraulic & Geotechnical Engineering
  • 30 years as State Certified Design Engineer for Public Works & Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)



Current Position

Manager of the Ch. Kapopoulos & Associates Co., trademark AQUATERRA

  • Coastal Protection & Nourishment Design using Aphrodite3D: In-House Hydrodynamic & Morphodynamic Simulation/modeling Framework of Ultra High- Resolution
  • Implementation of Coastal Protection and Nourishment applications (Design & Site Installation) of a Soft Shore Protection technical arrangement (Patented, AQUATERRA)
  • Foundation & Soil Lateral Support Structures Design, Slope Stability Analysis using Finite Elements Software (Plaxis Professional)



Greek Authorized Design Engineer for Public Works

   Port & Coastal Engineering

   Geotechnical Studies & Field Geotechnical Investigations

   Environmental Impact Assessments: Coastal Engineering & Port Design Projects

   Hydraulic Projects: Flooding Studies/ Assessments

   Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics/subsurface non-destructive exploration

   Field Topographic & Bathymetric Surveys



Membership – Professional Associations & NGOs

Member of Civil Engineering and Geology Associations, Member of the Scientific board of the SAVECOAST NGO (Coastal Protection & Climate Change Adaptation, Western Greece) and BeachRecovery Foundation (USA)




Software Development | Hydrodynamic Analysis Software | Geotechnical Analysis Software

   Aprodite3D: In House 2D & 3D Coastal Simulation & Modeling Software (Developed by AQUATERRA, Greece)

   Delft3D/Deltares, The Netherlands


   Plaxis Professional, Plaxis BV/Delft, The Netherlands

   HEC-RAS (US) Hydraulic Software

   MIKE21: (Danish Hydrology Institute – Mike21 Coupled Model Flexible Mesh)

   MS Visual Studio, Fortran, C#, Python



Main Collaborations

   City of Long Beach, California, USA (2013)

   BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCHOOL & University of Leeds (GB) – ΝΑΤΟ/Science For Stability (SfS) Program (1989-1990)

   National University of Athens / Dept of Coastal Works & Ports

   HCMR – Hellenic Centre of Marine Research: Pelagos Interreg Program (2018) (Project co- financed by the European Regional Development Fund/ERDF)

   Joint   Venture   APION   KLEOS   (Vinci   S.A.,   Αktor   S.A.,   J&P   Avax   S.A.,   Hochtief Projektentwicklung GMBH etc.)

   Public Energy Organization / Department of Small Dams & Hydropower plants

   Greek State & Regional Authorities, Municipalities, Islands, Public Works Departments

   Engineering, Commercial & Tourist Companies (3E–Coca Cola Hellas, LIDL Hellas etc.)

   French-German Construction Consortium (CJV) – Olympic Metro, 1993

   University of Patras / Studium of Mechanics (2004-2015)

   Greek Geological Institute (ΙΓΜΕ)

   University of Patras / Department of Geotechnical Engineering

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