Meet our RGC 2024 speakers
Christos Athanassiou
Professor, Department of Agriculture Plant Production & Rural Environment, University of Thessaly

Christos Athanassiou is a Professor at the University of Thessaly, Greece since 2010, while earlier, he served as a Research Entomologist at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-ARS) in USA. His research is focused on insect biology and detection, pest management and also biological control and beneficial insects. He is an author/co-author, in >450 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and in >500 conference presentations, 2 books and 14 book chapters. His work is listed in several top-cited databases (Clarivate, Stanford list, Research.com etc.). Prof. Athanassiou also serves as a consultant of different international organizations, such as the United Nations/FAO, USAID/CNFA etc. He has received several awards from different bodies, such as the Fulbright Foundation, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Institute for International Education (IIE/OLF), the US Forest Service, etc.

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