Meet our RGC 2024 speakers
Dionysios Gkoutis
Director General, Hellenic Survey of Geology & Mineral Exploration

Dionysios Gkoutis holds the position of Director-General of the Hellenic Survey of Geology & Mineral Exploration (H.S.G.M.E.). With a background in both the UK and Greece, he has served as a consultant for a variety of public and private projects, specializing in geotechnical and geological studies, as well as broader geotechnical design and project supervision. Since assuming his position in October 2019, Mr. Gkoutis has been responsible for overseeing and coordinating all research initiatives undertaken by the H.S.G.M.E., managing a total budget of 25 million euros. Drawing on his academic background, which includes a degree in Geology and Geo-Environmental Sciences from the University of Athens and a Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, Mr. Gkoutis brings a strong foundation of knowledge to his leadership role. Under his guidance, the H.S.G.M.E. continues to drive innovation and excellence in the field of geology and mineral exploration, contributing to national development and advancement.

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