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Michail Angelopoulos
Secretary General of Information Systems and Digital Governance



  • Attorney and Counsellor at Law, admitted to the Athens Bar (1981) and to the Supreme Court of Greece (2000).
  • Legal Counsel, Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (ΔΕΔΔΗΕ -DEDDIE S.A).
  • President of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Local Administration (I.T.A.), Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (ΚΕΔΕ – K.E.D.E.)
  • Former Vice-President, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (2016-2019)
  • Former Mayor, Municipality of Samos Island (2014-2019)
  • Former Governor, Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (2004 -2007)
  • Former Secretary of Administrative Reform, Hellenic Ministry of the Interior (2008-2009)







Michalis Angelopoulos was born in Athens, is married with attorney-at-law Efi Chysochoidou and has a son, Angelos.




  • Graduated from the Greek-American Athens College (1974)
  • LLB cum laude, Law School, University of Athens.
  • Master’s degree in European Community Law, University of Brussels (Universite Libre de Bruxelles-ULB) (1981)
  • Diploma in International Relations,The Paris Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies (Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques – CEDS) (1998)





  • Scientific Advisor to the European Parliament (Delegation of Greek MEPs and MPs), monitoring among others the campaign of Mike Doukakis and submitted a relevant report on the 1988 American elections.
  • Support of the Bill Clinton campaign in the organization of overseas voters. Provided his law firm office in the centre of Athens to be used as headquarters of the organization “Friends of Clinton” -1992 and 1996.
  • Founding of the “Digital Center of Samian Emigration / Digital Center for Samians Living Abroad” (Innovative application created in collaboration with the University of the Aegean that connects the diaspora with their place of origin on a practical level)
  • Participation as a representative of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and as the Mayor of Samos (an honored island region, place of birth of Pythagoras and Epicurus amongst others) to both Greek delegations in the parade and festive events for the National Day of March 25, 2016 in New York and 2018 in Montreal. Creating a network for the participation of the diaspora in local consultations.
  • Cooperation, as the Mayor of Samos Island, with the American Association of Civil Engineers for the study and international promotion of the Tunnel of Eupalinos, a 6 century BC miracle of mechanical engineering in Samos.
  • Appointed by K.E.D.E. as its advisor (Representative) on International and European matters. (2022 – present)






  • Admitted to the Athens Bar Association in 1981 and to the Supreme Courts of Greece in 2000.  Has vast experience in practicing law, specializing in European Union Law and the protection of Human Rights.
  • Legal Counsel of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator -DEDDIE S.A. (2013- 09/2014 and from 05/2019 – present)
  • Legal Advisor to the Representation of the European Commission in Greece (1995-2004).Eurojus – Network.
  • Scientific Advisor, European Parliament [(Committee on Legal Affairs & Citizens’ Rights, Committee on External Economic Relations and Committee on Budgetary Control). (1986-1989)]



  • Candidate for Member of Parliament with the New Democracy Party for Samos-Ikaria-Fourni constituency (May 2023)
  • MEP candidate with New Democracy Party-89,000 votes received. (May 2019 E.P elections)
  • Mayor of Samos Island (09/2014 – 05/2019).


During his term:

  1. Samos submitted a nomination for acquiring the title of European Capital of Culture for 2023 in Europe.
  2. In this context, he participated in February 2016 in the final competition process before a Committee of European Experts and presented its nomination file. It’s

basic proposal was the Pythagorean Theorem of Culture, i.e.: Man2 + Creativity2 = Culture2. By such varying the Pythagorean Theorem, known and recognizable all over the world, Samos made a value statement with its nomination.

From the borders of the European Union, where scientific and philosophical theories, cultural currents and civilizations were born and flourished, Samos declared that man, utilizing his creativity over the centuries, managed to produce culture.

The three components of the Pythagorean Theorem of Culture are the cornerstones, the ever-present conditions for civilization, under any circumstances and in any time and place. The elements that move the wheels of art, literature, sciences, are timeless and universal. (https://www.islandofsamos.gr/shmantikes-draseis)

A great number of signatures of support from expatriates were achieved for the goal.

  1. ii) Samos Municipality signed approximately 50 Cooperation Protocols with Greek and European Municipalities.

iii) A large number of joint proposals were submitted in cooperation with other European Municipalities for programs related to culture, environment and economic development.

  1. iv) The, until 2019, unified Municipality of Samos was distinguished for its actions at a national and a European level (Europe Prize, European Diploma, Verde-Tec Awards “Protected Areas”, European Mobility Week)
  2. v) Samos and its people were internationally praised for the humanity they showed during the peak of the refugee/immigrant issue (more than 250,000 refugees and immigrants landed on the island from 2015 until 2019).
  • Member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (K.E.D.E.) – representing 325 municipalities in Greece. (10/2014 – 05/2019)
  • President of Committee of K.E.D.E. on Insularity. (2014-2019)
  • Secretary of Administrative Reform, Hellenic Ministry of the Interior -contributing decisively to the jump-start of utilizing EU resources as part of the “Administrative Reform” program, which had a budget of 675,000,000 euros. (2008-2009)
  • Governor of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. During his tenure, an increase from 13% to 70% was achieved in absorbing resources from Regional Operational Programs. At the same time 250 private investments of 200,000,000 euros in total were approved. (2004-2007)
  • President of the Balkans and Black Sea Committee of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR). (2004 – 2007)
  • President of the Greek branch of the European Movement International (the oldest and politically most important pan-European organization for the Union of Europe, with members in 39 countries).
  • Founding member and Honorary President of the European Studies Association as well as of the Young European Federalists Association.
  • Active member of the Association Européenne Des Enseignants (A.E.D.E.) of Greece.





Members of the Congress are 324 elected representatives (and as many deputies for a total number of 648) from the 200,000 Local and Regional Authorities of the 47 member countries of the Council of Europe. (Now 46, after Russia was expelled from the Council as a result of the military attack on Ukraine).

Mr. Angelopoulos has served as:


  • Vice-President, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. (10/2016 – 11/2019)
  • Vice – President of the EPP Group of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe
  • Vice Chair, Monitoring Committee. (Feb.-Oct. 2016)
  • Head of the Greek Delegation to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (Oct 2014 –Nov 2019)



English, French, Spanish, Italian




  • “The most important legislative provisions of the derivative EEC Legislation” (Sakkoulas’ Publications, 1981)
  • Magazine “Federalistic Dialogue” (1986-1991)
  • “Samos, Ikaria, Fourni islands- Our perspective”, (Greek Letters Publications, 2004)
  • “Europe’s Regional Policy, the future of European Regions – The Greek model” (Livani’s Publications)
  • “The Battle of Evros – A Model of Crisis Management” (Greek Letters Publications)
  • “Is there an horizon for Europe?” (Eurasia/Plithora Publications, Athens 2019)
  • “Proceedings and contributions of the Greek National Delegation to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe [2014-2019]”, (EURASIA Publications, 2021)
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