Meet our RGC 2024 speakers
Sofia Voultepsi
Deputy Minister of Migration & Asylum, Member of the Greek Parliament since 2004, New Democracy, Former Government Spokeswoman (First woman to hold this Government position), Former Deputy Minister by the Prime Minister, Journalist


Studied Public Law & Political Science at Athens University Law School and

Italian Language and Literature at Athens Italian School.

Foreign Languages: English, Italian and French.


Professional career:

Journalist with long career in daily newspapers and magazines, Editor-in-chief in daily newspapers as well as radio and television programs.


Intense professional Parliamentarian and Trade Union activity, with significant assignments and achievements.



Married, with 2 children. Daughter of the late journalist John Voultepsis who had revealed and investigated the case of the assassination of Parliamentarian Grigoris Lambrakis. Later to be known as “Z” journalist.

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